Friday, June 24, 2011

Emerald City Soccer

My trip though the soccer supporters led me to Seattle Washington on Thursday night for the Sounders vs. New York Red Bulls match in front of 45,000 fans.
Seattle, which has only been in the MLS for 3 seasons, has really put together a great fan experience to get the whole crowd before the game. About an hour before the start of the match a brass band get the crowd fired up...
And then the Emerald City Supporters lead a march towards the stadium....
Which is a large football stadium the Seattle has consistently filled up since the team joined the MLS three seasons ago.
The whole way into the stadium the supporters chant and cheer...
And continue in their position behind the south goal.

The group has fans of all ages who lead the cheers....And Seattle is unique as it is one of the only stadiums where the whole lower bowl of the stadium stands to watch the match. In most stadiums the security is telling people to sit down. That is never the case at a Sounders game.
Even outside the supporters young kids are enjoying themselves...
...and when the team scores all fans get into the celebrating.
And the Emerald City Supporters bring their cheers all game long. They never stop for the whol 90 and fill up the stadium in sound.

When the scored the winning goal it was a great celebration.
And the party went on after the game. Now its off to Los Angeles to check out the biggest, craziest fans match in the USA: Gold Cup final between Mexico and the USA. Can't wait!!

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