Monday, June 30, 2014

#WorldCupUSA – Soccer Fans cheer and despair in Bay Area

 Across the Bay Area this weekend, World Cup soccer fans were glued to their television sets hoping for their respective teams to advance in the World Cup. The Dutch, Brazilians, Colombians, and Costa Ricans were left celebrating. Others, including the Mexico fans, were left in dispar after their team could not pull out victory.
 Colombian fans had less worries coasting to a 2-0 victory over Uruguay. A fan waves a Colombian flag watching the game at at Pisco Latin Lounge in San Francisco.
 Colombian fans were able to enjoy their comfortable victory over Uruguay to advance to the Quarterfinals at Pisco Latin Lounge in San Francisco.

On Sunday, Dutch and Mexico fans gathered at the SOMA StrEat Food Park on Sunday to watch their round of 16 match.
 Dutch fans of all ages watch the action early against Mexico.
 Mexico scored first against Netherlands causing wild celebrations for the Mexican fans watching the game...
...leading to hi-fives all around as the moments ticked off the clock.
 The Dutch fans were left wondering if they were once again going to come short of winning the trophy.

Mexico continued to hold on to their lead...leading to dreams of finally making it to the quarterfinals...
 But then the Dutch struck for a goal and the Oranje fans came alive.
 When Holland scored their second goal the Dutch fans could hardly contain their emotions.
 A Mexico fan reacts to the Dutch comeback victory over Mexico.
 Dutch fans went crazy as the final whistle blew.
 The result once gain left Mexican fans with dreams of what might have been.
 A group of a few hundred Costa Ricans watched their game against Greece at the New Parkway in Oakland.
 Costa Rica scored a goal and were only minutes away from claiming victory leaving the fans on pins and needles (Including left to right in front: Armando Castillo-Monge and Kaleb Castillo).
 But a late goal forced all the fans to have to suffer through an extra time period.
 As the game went to penalty kicks, Costa Rica fans of all ages hoped for the best.
 And watched intently...
 ...and then exploded in cheers when they won the shoot-out.
 The wild celebrations continued as the Ticos moved on to the Quaterfinals.
 Much to the relief of all the fans, including Angel Mata of Oakland.
Afterwards some of the Costa Rica fans gathered to take a photo of the moment outside New Parkway in Oakland.

Friday, June 27, 2014

#WorldCupUSA - USA fans in San Francisco, CA

It wasn't the result most USA fans wanted, but it was the result that the USA team needed.
A few thousand fans packed the Civic Center this morning to watch the USA take on Germany in their final match of the first round of the World Cup.
 Some fans had a hard time staying awake through the first half.
 And the German fans seemed more interested in taking photos of the German beer they were drinking.
 But a second half goal awoke the Germans...
 ...and left the USA fans in attendance worried that they might be saying goodbye to the World Cup.
  But after Portugal pulled out a result against Ghana, The USA fans were able to cheer advancing to the second round again of the World Cup.
But a result is a result.  Remember in 2002, USA backed into the round of 16 and beat Mexico.  Anything can happen against Belgium on Tuesday.  Looking forward to the game!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#WorldCupUSA - Mexico fans in Los Angeles, CA

Mexican immigrants have long been one of the largest ethnic communities in Los Angeles, and they brought their love of soccer and "El Tri" to Southern California.  All over Los Angeles Mexicans  celebrated their victory over Croatia which advanced them to the round of 16 of the World Cup. One of the largest viewing parties was at  Plaza Mexico in Lynwood, CA.
The shopping plaza is fashioned after a Mexican central plaza...
...and erupted when Mexico went up on top against Croatia.
Fans of all ages enjoyed the victory.

 And then later in Huntington Park, LA, fans crowded the streets, honked their hors and waved Mexican flags.

Monday, June 23, 2014

#WorldCupUSA - Korea fans in Los Angeles, CA

 If you can't make it to Seoul to watch Korea play in the world cup the second best place in the world in Koreatown in Los Angeles.  Over 300,000 Korean-Americans call Los Angeles home and thousands came out to the front lawn of Wilshire Park Place to watch Korea's game against Algeria.
 It was a sea of red everywhere.
 And it was hard to find your friends.
 or sometimes catch a glimpse of the screen through the crowds.
The fans were ready to support fighting Korea in the first half...

 ...but 3 goals brought dismay to many of the fans.
 Being Los Angeles, there were not only Korean fans at the viewing, but Mexicans and Americans.
By the start of the second half the crowds had thinned out but the fans got a chance to celebrate when Korea scored a goal.
 And another to bring them closer.  But Korea couldn't overcome the 3 goals but fought to the end...
...and left the fans with their pride intact.

 And who knows?  Perhaps the day opened up some soccer dreams for the youngest of fans in attendance.

Friday, June 20, 2014

#WorldCupUSA - France fans in San Francisco, CA

It was quite a day to carry a French flag high if you were a soccer fan of France after they took care of Switzerland on Friday afternoon.  Over 125 fans packed Cafe Bastille on Belden Place in San Francisco to watch their team defeat Switzerland 5-2.

 There were plenty to cheers about for the French fans.
 As they watched the game closely.
 Goal after goal...
 ...and all the near misses.
 By the end the French fans hardly cared about the two goals Switzerland scored late.
 They just wanted the last seconds to tick off the clock...
 ...and enjoy their victory with pride.