Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day

I covered for the Student Conservation Association their Earth Day event at Diamond Park in Oakland this past Saturday. It amazing to see what a group of volunteers can achieve in such a short amount of time.
The SCA members were tasked with pulling out an invasive non-native species of blackberries that was choking off life for native plants in the park.
Kids of all ages helped out...
with tools in hand.
It was hard, but rewarding, work.
And the volunteers were able to get rid of a ton of the invasive plants to help restore the creek area of the park to a natural state. Truly amazing to capture their work.

You can view more of my images, and other SCA Earth Day events on their Flicker account:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The 105 Year Old Survivor

Bill DelMonte is one of the final survivors of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, and the sole survivor to attend the Commemoration at Lotta Fountain in San Francisco on Monday for the 105 anniversary of the quake that destroyed much of the city.
I was assigned by the Marin IJ to cover the event which involved a moment of silence to honor those who lost their lives during the quake and subsequent fire that devoured much of the city. The fountain was the meeting point of old San Francisco, and was the location to try and find loved one's in the days after the quake.
A fire siren was played at exactly 5:12 AM, the moment the quake struck San Francisco 105 years ago.
Del Monte was only a 3-month old baby when the quake struck, and doesn't remember the event. Everyone wanted a moment with him to talk, thank him for coming, and ask him for advice how he has lived all these years (his answer: I don't know.)
But as a crowd of a few hundred (some gathered in period costume) gathered to past respect to one of the largest tragedies in the history of the city the question lingering in every one's mind was would this be the last year a survivor of the quake would attend the ceremony.
I know DelMonte told the Marin IJ he won't be back next year. I hope he does make it back.

You can view more of my photographs and read about the event on the Marin IJ website.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UConn Post-Championship Celebration at the JW Marriott Galeria in Houston

More of a personal post for me, but being a huge UConn Huskies fan I was there to enjoy the post-celebration of the UConn team and fans at the JW Marriott hotel in Houston, TX.
Fans cheered the team bus when they arrived...

Kemba Walker gave a cheer to the fans...

And inside the ballroom the fans packed in and cheered for the team as they were honored with the NABC Championship award.
Jeremy Lamb did the "Lamb Shake" for the fans...
And Calhoun gave thanks for the "Best Fans in College Basketball."
The party continued in the ballroom...

And in the hotel lounge friends and family gave Calhoun congrats as he kicked back with a beer.
The players mixed in with the fans...
And then Calhoun 3 made is way from the party...
A great way to end a great night. UCONN BABY!