Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santacon in San Francisco

I've heard about but never before attended or photographed the annual Santacon event in San Francisco.  It's quite an experience.  I photographed it this past Saturday for the SF Gate.
Some people complain that the annual event, where thousands of people dressed as Santa converge on Union Square and then embark on pub crawls across San Francisco, is nothing more than a boozefest in costume.  In some ways they are completely right...
...but in other ways it does bring a holiday sensibility to the partying.
When everyone around you is dressed as Santa...
...even the smalles of creatures...
...you can't help but be put in a festive mood and giving mood.
And start singing Christmas Carols.
But, yes, boozing is a main part of Santacon as well.  Just visit any bar in North Beach aftewards and you will see tons of Santas.  You can't escape them.
So, here is to Santa (hopefully) bringing you a little bit of joy this holiday season!

Please check out more of my photos and other Chronicle photos on the SF Gate article for Santacon.