Sunday, February 21, 2021

Victorian house moved in San Francisco

It's not every day you get to see a Victorian house moved from one location to another.  The Victorian home, located on Franklin Street was moved to its new location to Fulton Street.
Spectators gather to watch the Victorian home move.
And walked with it as it made it's way through the street.

The workers safely moved it despite a number of obstacles.
And people watched from their patios.

San Francisco City Hall watched the house move along Golden Gate Avenue.

Ben Zotto uses a vintage Super 8 camera to record a vintage Victorian behind moved.
One of the hydraulic wheels rises off the ground while going around the corner.
A worker removes a street sign that blocked the path of a Victorian home turning onto Laguna Street

Movers talk strategy before backing in a victorian house to its new location

Workers dispose of tree branches taken down to clear space for a victorian home to be moved into place.
Movers back into the victorian house to its new location.

The house will eventually be made into new housing.

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