Monday, August 22, 2011

Backstage with Performer Madeline Minx

I've always wondered what the life of a performer is like. Luckily a few weeks ago I was offered a glimpse with musician Madeline Minx as she performed at a show at Nine Lives in Gilroy.
Madeline Minx is a performer based out of San Francisco and her music is funny and raw. Here is a video of her performance of her song "Sushi".

Before the show Madeline Minx and her two backup dancers took a look at her play list for the show. Her performance was part of a larger show, and the headline performer was metal rock band Maxx 12. It would be an interesting contrast.
Before the show, Minx and her dancers did a dry rehearsal of their routine...
which even included Madeline's boyfriend giving some pointers on how to perform on stage.
Before the show, the performers got ready in the cramped room backstage.
Putting on their final touches as the Maxx 12 guitarist warmed up as well.
After striking a quick pose...
The Minx crew mixed it up with the other performers at the show.
Maxx 12 metal-rocked it out at the Gilroy club.
When Madeline Minx appeared on the stage it looked like it was going to be an entertaining performance.

However sound problems started messing with Minx first song...
She even got off the stage to talk with the sound guy to try and get the music right...
They were able to power through her first song "Sushi"...
But the crowd, which was mostly a metal-head crowd to see Maxx 12, wasn't really into the music and only one soul got up close with the performer to check out the show.

And perform they did with full costume changes....

With Madeline singing with everything she had..
And an entertaining performance.
Afterwards Madeline and her crew could only wonder what would've happened with her performance had there not been technical problems.

And after deciding to rock it backstage with the bouncers in attendence...

They packed everything up. Although not a perfect night it was a lot of fun and an interesting chance for me to see what its like to be backstage with a performer.

Here is another Madeline Minx video to part with:

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