Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunset at Stafford Lake

Even since I went to school for photography I have always found myself with my camera at the Sunset parties. They are outdoor, free electronic dance parties that have been taking place all over the bay area thrown by Pacific Sound Systems.

They are a daytime outdoor DJ event.

That continues until the sun sets.

Kids of all ages enjoy grooving the the beats under the setting sun.

Something about good beats, good peeps and good tunes that always turns out to make a good time.

That's what Sunset has always been about.

And I suppose will always be about.

One of these days I am going to have to go through my old negatives and all the digital images that I have shot of Sunset and put together a website or book of them. It would have to be thousands of images I have taken over the years.

Good times indeed....


  1. I vote that you should move forward with the Sunset coffee table book project.

    Think about it. There’s over a dozen books written about Burning Man, but no one has really put out the great San Francisco electronica / house / whatchamaycallit book.

    And the most unique and visually interesting part about that scene is the subculture of the free outdoor, daytime, park parties. I think that would make one hell of a coffee table book and you would have a lock on that market.

    I vote that you should move forward with that idea.

  2. oh man! We rolled in straight from chillits covered in an inch of dust and totally missed you!!

  3. that sucks! I wish I knew you guys were there!