Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Exploring Chinese Cusine in San Francisco for Food Republic

One of my favorite assignments from the past few months has been this shoot about important Chinese Restaurants in San Francisco. 
 It lead me on a culinary tour of San Francisco's Chinese restaurants...
 from the heart of Chinatown.... (pictured Eastern Bakery)...
 to the Richmond District and its amazing Dim Sum restaurants (like Hong Kong Lounge).
I photographed popular favorites like House of Nanking....
 and its amazing selection of food...
 ...and ambiance.
But the best discovery was to see how much people enjoy food and see how it brings people together; especially at Old Mandarin in the Sunset District.  If you have a chance check out the story!


  1. So, how does the article come together? Is the article written already and you take the photographs? Or does the article get written or changed based on the photographs you think are worthy of including?

  2. Good question! For this story, the article was already written and included several restaurants. My editor asked me to get photographs from 3-4 of them and I had to contact/go to the restaurants and set up times for the shot and then get the assignment done. It took a good 2-3 days of shootings and runing around and taking the photos for it to all come together.