Monday, October 13, 2014

#ThanksLD Landon Donovan says Goodbye to the #USMNT

 In a night full of emotions and goodbyes, Landon Donovan, the greatest USA Men's National team player ever, said goodbye to the team, the fans and his USMNT career in Hartford Connecticut last Friday night.
For USA fan Doug Morales (with his daughter) it was a full circle experience.  He was at Donovan's first game in LA in 2000.  And with 36,000 other fans, he had to be at Donovan's last game as well.  For me personally it was the close of an era as well.  I first became a hardcore USA fan attending games in 2000, and Donovan was always playing a role with the team.  To see him say goodbye was a sad moment. A true farewell to so many memories and the passage of time.
 Donovan heads out for his final run about on the soccer field for the USA team.
 Early in the match Donovan was able to celebrate with his teammates after they took an early lead.
 The USA fans cheered Donovan on hoping he would score one more goal in his final match.
 But he just missed a goal that hit off the post...
 ...and he had to rue the missed chances as his time of the field came to a close.
Donovan said goodbye to all his teammates on the bench.
At the end of the game, fans who traveled from far all over the USA waited for one last chance to say goodbye as well.
 It was an emotional moment for Donovan, who could not hold back the tears.
As the fans screamed for one more wave from Donovan...
 he saluted all who came out for the game.
And in the end he got to say thank you to everyone in his own way.  I never was the biggest Landon Donovan fan over the years (that honor will always go to Clint Mathis) but I have grown to respect and admire all he achieved.  USA soccer would not be where it is today without the contributions of Donovan, and for that I thank him from the bottom of my heart.  #LegenD

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