Thursday, October 30, 2014

Giants Fans Celebrate 2014 World Series Victory

For the third time in five years San Francisco Giants fans celebrated a World Series victory.  A lively crowd packed the Civic Center hoping for the Giants to overcome a difficult Kansas City Royals to claim the crown.
When Pablo Sandoval caught a foul ball for the last out of the game the crowd erupted and champagne went flying everywhere through the air.
 Someone snuck fireworks into the crowd and they ended up exploding above San Francisco City Hall.
The celebration spilled into the streets. Thousands of fans flooded Market Street, creating an impromptu parade.
A New Orleans Brass Band led the way...
...and they got everyone dancing in the streets.
Not everyone was willing to take part. Some people decided to watch the festivities from a distance.
There had been vandalism and some violence during the 2010 and 2012 celebrations. Once again this year it happened again.
 But the vast majority of the fans were there to celebrate and enjoy the moment.
Maybe with more champagne...
...or with some rather random displays of Giants pride.  It was wacky celebration, a fun celebration and it was a uniquely San Francisco celebration.  Congrats Giants and congrats San Francisco!!

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