Monday, July 14, 2014

#WorldCupUSA - World Cup Final in San Francisco, CA

The Civic Center was the epicenter of World Cup fever in San Francisco on Sunday.  Thousands of Argentina fans, Germany fans, and soccer fans came to witness the finale to greatest sporting event on the planet.
Soccer was everywhere in the Civic Center... were the crowds.  The whole square was packed with spectators watching the game on the large screens.
There were a sizable number of German fans, wearing white shits with the black, yellow and red color.
But there were equal numbers of Argentina fans in sky blue passionately cheering throughout the match.
Some fans were really excited to show off their colors, even to themselves.
While others almost blended into the blue skies above San Francisco.  The tense game ended 0-0 at regulation, forcing extra time.
In extra time, Germany struck for a goal sending German fans into a frenzy.
The Argentina fans could only look on in disbelief.  Their World Cup dreams shattered.
As the final whistle blew, the Germany fans were in ecstasy... the Argentina fans could not contain their disappointment.
But in the end there can only be one victor to the World Cup, and Germany is a worthy champion.
And after a month, the World Cup is over. We are all packing up our pitches and heading home.  Its been an incredible month.  Photographing soccer fanatics in 14 cities over the United States.  Meeting incredible people from all cultures and background, sharing a laugh or sometimes a cry, and through it all reveling in the wonder that is the World Cup.

It's been amazing and I already miss it.  Do we really need to wait another 4 years for the next World Cup??

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