Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#WorldCupUSA - SF workers watch USA vs. Belgium

With Team USA’s success advancing to the second round, World Cup fever spread across America. To accommodate employees who wanted to watch the game without leaving work, many San Francisco companies hosted private viewings of USA-Belgium World Cup round of 16 matches on Tuesday afternoon.
(Left to right) Andrew Hubbs, Dane Hurtubise, and Greg Smith watch the USA vs. Belgium game on their computers during lunch at Pivotal Lab offices South of Market in San Francisco.
Pivotal showed the games on two large screens in the common break space and attracted a large crowd.

But not everyone was watching the games, and talk about work continued for some.

Others employees checked their work emails, only glancing up when there was a groan or cheer from the gathered crowd.

One fan, Tejash Unudukt cheered after a good play by the USA in the first half.
 Some workers had no interest watching the game, instead of using their lunch break to play a game of ping pong.
In downtown San Francisco employees filled the boardroom at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP to watch the match.
 And kept their eyes glued to the screen.
 Byron Varga (center) reacted to a play just before halftime, and the scoreline stood at 0-0.
For the extra time several employees at Arthur J. Gallagher insurance company took over a small meeting room to watch the game. They reacted when the USA just missed a goal moments before the end of regulation.For the extra time period, a larger crowd gathered in the break room to watch the action.
 They could not believe it when Belgium scored just a few minutes after the restart.
 When Belgium's second goal went in, things looked dim for the USA fans, including Zack "Soccerhead" Phillips.
 But Phillips was able to cheer soon after when Julian Green pulled the USA back within a goal.

 However, the USA ended up just short, dashing any sort of celebration.
After the game, soccer fanatics Zack Phillips, and wife dealt with the defeat.

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