Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#WorldCupUSA - Algeria fans in San Jose, CA

Around 30 Algerian-Americans gathered at the Arab Cultural Center in San Jose, Calif. on Monday afternoon to cheer on their national team against the heavily favored Germany soccer team.
Chakib Khamici, who helped organize the viewing, said there are around 500 Algerian families in the San Francisco Bay Area. At some of the World Cup viewings for Algeria he organized, especially if they were on the weekend, over 100 people would pack into the center to watch the game. 
Before the match, some in attendance picked what they felt would be the final score of the game. Most picked Algeria to win.
The prize was this beautiful tart cake made by Souad Medjoubi that looked like the Algeria flag. It was made of kiwi, banana and strawberry. However because of Ramadan, it could not be enjoyed until sundown.
 Algerian Anis Cherif of Campbell watches the Algeria vs. Germany round of 16 match at the Arab Cultural Center in San Jose.
 Everyone watched the game closely.
 Algeria had more of the chances in the first half, much to the delight of the Algeria fans.
 Algerian Amina Khemici did react to a few close chances by Germany to score.
Every time Algeria came close to scoring the fans jumped out of their seats.
 But fell back in as the game continued. It was a tense affair and Algeria held of Germany to a nil-nil result after 90 minutes.
During the break after the end of regulation and before extra time the fans grabbed a moment of fresh air outside and a possible soak from a water soaker...

 ...and talked about them coming so close to victory.
 But Germany scored a quick goal in extra time, much to the dismay to all the Algeria fans.
 And after falling behind 2-0, Algeria claimed a last second consolation goal to make it a 2-1 score line.
 In the end it was Maamar Zoubedi of Cupertino that predicted the correct final result.
 And he received the tart gladly.
But for all the Algeria fans, it was a moment of pride. They had given their all, and almost beat one of the best soccer teams in the world.

Khamici rued the misses Algeria had in regulation. “If they scored in the beginning it would have been a totally different game.” But then he shrugged his shoulders, and said with a smile “At least now we will concentrate on Ramadan!”

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