Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#WorldCupUSA - Mexico fans in Liberal, KS

Its possible to find soccer fans in all corners of this country, even deep in the heartland of the United States.
In recent years Liberal, a farming community in Southwest Kansas has seen an influx of immigrants to work in the agriculture....
and the meat packing industry in town.
In the 2010 US census, Hispanics and Latinos made up 59 percent of the population of the town. 
  Many of the immigrants are from Mexico, and have brought their passion for soccer with them.  “I’m a Mexico soccer fan and a Club America fan,” said Lily Patino, owner of Vargas Mexican restaurant in Liberal, “because I like winners.”  She has been showing all the Mexico games during the World Cup.

The town was named by its founder S.S. Rogers who was known with being liberal with the water he gave travelers passing through the area in the 1870's.  The town's biggest tourist attraction is the "Land of Oz" exhibit which features a recreation of Dorothy's house from the "Wizard of Oz." 

Patino was showing the matches at her restaurant to about 20 people during Mexico’s World Cup match against host country Brazil.  More Mexico fans would have been watching the game, she said, but the 2 pm local start time on a Tuesday afternoon made it difficult for many to get out of work.
 After Mexico fought to a 0-0 draw with Brazil, Jairo Vazquez could hardly contain his excitement about Mexico’s chances in the World Cup. “[Mexico goalkeeper  Guillermo] Ochoa did such a great job during the match.  I think they are going to go to the semi-finals.”

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