Monday, June 23, 2014

#WorldCupUSA - Korea fans in Los Angeles, CA

 If you can't make it to Seoul to watch Korea play in the world cup the second best place in the world in Koreatown in Los Angeles.  Over 300,000 Korean-Americans call Los Angeles home and thousands came out to the front lawn of Wilshire Park Place to watch Korea's game against Algeria.
 It was a sea of red everywhere.
 And it was hard to find your friends.
 or sometimes catch a glimpse of the screen through the crowds.
The fans were ready to support fighting Korea in the first half...

 ...but 3 goals brought dismay to many of the fans.
 Being Los Angeles, there were not only Korean fans at the viewing, but Mexicans and Americans.
By the start of the second half the crowds had thinned out but the fans got a chance to celebrate when Korea scored a goal.
 And another to bring them closer.  But Korea couldn't overcome the 3 goals but fought to the end...
...and left the fans with their pride intact.

 And who knows?  Perhaps the day opened up some soccer dreams for the youngest of fans in attendance.

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