Tuesday, October 16, 2012

San Francisco Giants Win Game 2 of NLCS

Got a first row seat to watch Ryan Vogelsong and the San Francisco Giants even up their NLCS playoff series at one game a piece Monday night at AT&T park in San Francisco. 
Early on things looked a bit dicey for the Giants after their second baseman Scutaro was taken out by a slide from the Cardinals Matt Holliday.
Although he looked severely injured, Scutaro stayed in the game.
And the Giants answered right away with Angel Pagan's lead off home run...
...to give the Giants a 1-0 lead.
But the Cardinals came back to bat.
And although a loud and vocal crowd...
got a double from starting Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter to tie the game up at 1-1.
But after that Vogelsong got locked in and stated mowing down the Cardinals batters.
Including the Cardinals Yadir Molina striking out.
The Giants fans were waiting for a big inning...
...and got it in the 4th when Belt scored to open up a lead.
The fans were going crazy...
...especially after Scutaro got some payback scoring 3 runs on a hit.
From there the Giants played tough D.
Kept the pressure up with their "MVP" Buster Posey at bat.
And even got a double from starter Ryan Vogelsong...
Unfortunately he wasn't able to score...
...but after pitching 7 innings he got a standing ovation.
There was some controversy in the 8th when it looked like the Giants Gregor Blanco was tagged out after roaming too far on a fly ball to the outfield.
But the first base umpire Bill Miller called him safe..
Much to the disagreement of Cardinals coach Mike Matheney.
But after conferring with the other umpires the play stood.
It didn't matter much cause Sergio Romo came in the 9th.
And threw strikes.
And celebrated the win with his catcher.
The Giants tied the series up 1-1.
And the series moves to St. Louis.  Got a feeling this is going to be a great series!

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