Friday, December 10, 2010

Lights on Market Street

It's not every day you get tipped off to a fun assignment to shoot but that happened to me yesterday. The news editor at the SF Gate pointed out an article about several new art installations that went on display in the Mid-Market area of San Francisco on Thursday evening.
The event, dubbed “Lights on Market Street,” is an initiative aimed at revitalizing the Central Market Street area, which is plagued with vacant storefronts and is not a friendly, or fun, place to hang out.
The artwork, including this piece by artist Robert James, made people in the area stop, touch and explore. It was interesting to watch.
During the ceremony there was a walk between the exhibits that was fun and full of lights.
I even saw Top Cat, who is a saxophonist player that was the subject of one of my first photo essays when I was in school at SF State.
But by far the coolest and biggest drawing instillation was Faces by artist Theodore Watson.
You just couldn't stop standing in front of the "capture station," wait a few seconds, and then see your face across the street.

A lot of fun. An interesting experiment, and well worth the time to check out!

For more of my photographs from the event, check out my photo gallery on SF Gate.

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