Saturday, June 12, 2010

South Africa vs. Mexico

The atmosphere was amazing and the vuvuzelas were blowing load at Soccer City for the opening match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
I've been traveling in South Africa for a few weeks getting the lay of the land, and as one South African told me: "If South Africans know how to do anything, its how to party." After the opening ceremony yesterday I have no doubt about that.
The opening ceremony was a grand affair and cool to watch but what I am here for and wanted to take photos of was the fans in the stands.

Everyone was in a great mood at the stadium as the first African World Cup started. Smiles and flags were waving everywhere..

...and of course blowing their vuvuzelas!
When the players were announced the crowd went crazy.

During the match the Mexican and South African fans kept it on a fun and festive atmosphere even though they were rivals for the match.

After South Africa scored a goal it looked like it would be parties all night long!
But a Mexico goal but the South African fans back into their seats.

But with a final result of 1-1 both South Africa and Mexico still have a great chance to advance which lead to the both country's fans to continue partying all night long.

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