Monday, July 27, 2009

Hong Kong

Recently I traveled to Hong Kong. Its an amazing and dynamic city full of people working hard and living life to the fullest.

 As someone I met in Hong Kong told me, "It takes the best of Western and Asian cultures and mixes them together." 

My time there I just scratched the surface of what the city has to offer.  I hope to make it back again soon. 

Here are some of my favorite images from the trip:


  1. Excellent photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You have a talent for photography. Where was the beach in the final picture?

  3. Douglas, I was turned on to your blog just now by a reference in the Bill Simmons column on I would bet that plug is not hurting your traffic!! I Am also a photographer and based in Austin, Texas. I've done much sports work during my career and can relate to your exhilaration at covering the game in Azteca. However, my heart lies with travel work and I wanted to write to say that I enjoyed your Hong Kong photos. My favorites are the shot of the red cabs (I love patterns) and also the phenomenal shot of the young pedestrians crossing the road, while one man hugs a young woman who stands out as much for her ethnicity as her complimentary blue dress. And the fact that her one high-heeled foot touched down on the two is the icing on the cake, in my opinion. Great work.
    Steve Moakley,

  4. Thanks for the kind comments Steve! I really love doing street photography photographs in Hong Kong!

    Dylan, the beach photo is Cheung Sha Beach on the southern shore of Lantau Island.