Friday, June 5, 2009

United States Men's National Team vs. Costa Rica

I was highly anticipating the USA Men's World Cup Qualifier game versus Costa Rica, and a win would have put the USA in good position to qualify for South Africa in 2010.

My first experience of going to a qualifier in Central America was the Guatemala game last August. It was an intense experience, and Costa Rica was even crazier.

The stadium was packed two hours before the game and the crowd was ready to cheer nonstop the whole game. When the Ticos scored 2 minutes into the game the stadium erupted and when they added a second goal 15 minutes later it was even more insane.

The crowd for the most part was well behaved but there were a group of USA fans in the south section that were receiving a lot of verbal abuse from the Ticos, especially during the national anthem and there was a little bit of pushing but security was on it and made sure that nothing escalated.

It was a great experience as a journalist, but as a US Soccer fan it was a huge disapointment. Here is looking forward to Mexico and Azteca in August


  1. Nicely done. I was quite curious about the reception for US fans, and it seems like it was no worse than Yankees vs Red Sox.

  2. It was maybe a bit worse but yeah I think the Yankees vs. Red Sox is a good example of the crowd experience

  3. The American fans that you photographed that day were myself and my friends!

    I was astonished to see that you had captured that night on film! And furthermore, that I somehow stumbled across it by chance on the internet. I am the one seen in the background with dread locks. Teo is wearing the cowboy hat, and Ramón is the one seen in the last picture yelling and waving a finger.

    Wow! Thanks for letting me relive that once again!