Friday, June 13, 2014

#WorldCupUSA - Brazilians in Danbury, CT celebrate World Cup victory over Croatia

The World Cup kicked off on Thursday afternoon in Brazil.  The event was watched closely all over the world, including thousands of Brazilians in Danbury, Connecticut.

Around 40,000 Brazilian immigrants call Connecticut home, and many of them have settled in Danbury, Connecticut which, according to the 2000 Census, was the third largest Brazilian community in the United States.  Many of them are just as soccer crazy as their fellow countrymen in Brazil.
 As the opening game of the World Cup started, the streets of Danbury emptied out as Brazilians found a television to watch the game.
 A shocking goal for Croatia at the start of the game put the Brazilian fans on edge at Old Oak bar in Danbury.
 But a first half goal brought the cheer back to the Brazilian fans and evened the score.
 In the second half, most of daily life for the Brazilian community stood still, including at the Warren Joli hair salon on Main Street in Danbury.

 At Banana Brazil down the street fans also watched the match...
 ...and celebrated a third goal.
 Nilton Coelho, the owner of the restaurant, received a hug from his daughter after the victory.
 With the big win, the Brazil fans took to the streets, putting large Brazil flags on their vehicles in an impromptu victory parade down Main Street in Danbury.

 It was a fun, joyful celebration...
 ...with the colors of Brazil on display....
 ...and smiles everywhere.
The local police department made sure the friendly crowds didn't cause any problems and traffic continued to flow on Main Street...
 ...but this one unlucky vehicle ended up receiving a ticket for a passenger hanging out of the window.
But the mood was upbeat, as everyone on the street expected Thursday's parade to be the first of several more this World Cup for the fans of Brazil.

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