Monday, June 28, 2010

USA vs. Ghana A.K.A. The Quick, Brutal End to the Dream

For a World Cup that seemed to be becoming a song and a dance for the US Men's National Team, It sure came to a quick inglorious ending. Oh well...

It started out brightly enough. Before the match I was hanging out with Mr. Soccerhead, Zack Phillips who always cuts his hair with the pattern of a soccer ball. Everywhere he goes, people what to know who he he tells them...he's a soccer fanatic like all the rest of us who enjoy soccer with a passion that is unexplainable.
At the beginning of the USA v. Ghana match it seemed like the spirits here high of the US fans and the players.

But a horrible giveaway by midfielder Ricardo Clark once again forced the USA to start out the match down by an early goal.At halftime the USA fans looked doubtful for a comeback.
But then Clint Dempsey was brought down in the box...And Landon Donovan calmly delivered the goal from the spot to even the match and breathe new life for the Americans.
But despite pressing the USA didn't score the magical goal and the game went to extra time.
When Ghana scored a goal to once again take the lead.
And deflate the USA's once grand dreams of making an amazing run deep into the tournament.

And despite some desperate attempts to score a goal, including Tim Howard coming all the way up field to try and get a header on goal.

It became clear to the fans there was no magical ending today.
And the USA players were deflated...The fans consoling each other..

The Ghana team celebrating their victory...
And a bunch of Americans sitting in their seats long after the final whistle the blown chance for the USA to go far into the tournament.

Well now its over. Its taken a couple of days since the game for me to get this post out. Been busy but also trying to deal with what happened. A long road since qualifying started in 2008 and so many highs and lows, a amazing run in the World Cup and then the quick ending.

All I can say is it is the World Cup. It can teach you some harsh lessons including: Enjoy the good time while they last, cause you never, ever, know when they are going to end.


  1. Well, at least we didn't go out like Japan did today. Okay, I'm coming to terms with our loss. I hope we get invited to the 2011 Copa America.

  2. thanks for your fantastic photo blog. i enjoyed following it throughout USA's run in this Cup, but please don't stop. i'd love to see more posts from you for the remaining matches